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How To Hide Hot-Spot Notification

Most of the people are facing the Hotspot notification sound problem in Redmi Note 8 Pro mobile. It’s a bug that needs to be resolved as early as possible by Mi Community because it’s quite annoying for people. The main problem of this issue is that it repeatedly gives the notification sound to the user and since it is a system notification from Android, it is not possible to hide the notification by default.

So the question is How to hide HotSpot Notification in Redmi Note 8 Pro? or Can We hide the HotSpot Notification ? or Is it possible to hide the Hotspot Notification Sound?
The answer of all the questions is, Yes. We can resolve this issue in a jiffy. So get ready for the solution of how to hide HotSpot Notification in Redmi mobile.

Just follow the below steps in your Mobile device.

1. Go to Settings of your Mobile.

2. Click on Notification.

3. Search Android System and click on it.

4. Search HotSpot Notification and click on it.

5. On HotSpot Notification; “Show Notification” should be displayed but you can not disable that option. So you have to click on “Importance” and Make the Priority to Low i.e. Show Silently

Now all the notification related to Hotspot is hidden and you will only get the notification of Connected Device but you will not hear the Notification Sound.

You can also reduce the priority of sound notification from the Home Page of your screen. So let me tell you how:-

1. Just swipe your screen down and you will get the notification status of your HotSpot.

2. Now when you long-press the notification, then Android System Setting will display. So click on the All Categories.

3. Now on the HotSpot Notification page reduce the Priority by clicking on the “Importance” button and set it to low as we have mentioned above.

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