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How to Convert YouTube Video into Text

Many of us are eager to know how can we extract Youtube subtitles as a text.
There are many articles available that say that it’s easy to convert Youtube Subtitle into Text and promote some website or tool, but deep heart we all know that it’s not going to work as Google YouTube policy are changing from time to time.
So its became very hard to extract the title because of copyright policy.
So the question is again the same, Is there any way to extract the YouTube Subtitle and answer the Yes we have.

So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the method by which we convert YouTube Video Subtitles into Text with the help of Google itself.

So please follow the below steps to convert YouTube Video to text.

1. Go to YouTube Video: 


To convert your YouTube video, First visit the You tube video that you want to convert into text.

2. Check the Subtitle Option:

How to extract subtitle from Youtube video

In this step, we check that, Is video have subtitle enabled or not. If the video has subtitles then we can convert the video into text otherwise we can’t.

3. Go to Transcript Option:

How to extract subtitle from Youtube video

Now we have to click on the 3 dots that are with the Save button at the bottom of the video box. After clicking, we get the option of Open Transcript and you have to click on it.

4. Open Transcript:

How to extract subtitle from Youtube video

On clicking the Open Transcript, we will get the Text of that video with Timestamp by default.

5. If you want to remove the time stamp then click on the 3 verticals along with dots and from there click on Toggle timestamp.

How to extract subtitle from Youtube video

Now you will get your video text as plan. Just copy the text and paste in your notepad.

Have you know this things before? There are many features that Google provide to its users but we dont know them.

We will discuss other tools and tricks of Google in our Next Blog.

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