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Buy Best iPhone XR Cases in Every Style and Design

Apple’s iPhone XR is a lower-cost option for iPhone lovers. The 6.1-inch phone doesn’t have an OLED screen or camera enhancements but has many of the premium features found in iPhoneXS and XS Max––the most expensive phones. The XR might be a budget-friendly option, but still starting at $749, so you’re going to buy a case to protect it. At Esource Parts, you’ll get an amazing collection of fashion-forward iPhone XR Cases to choose from. Our focus isn’t just on the protective technologies, but we take care of functional designs, patterns, and textures that cover multiple colors and materials.

In this article, we’ve rounded up our top picks that would help you buy iPhone XR cases, so let’s begin.

Top 5 iPhone XR Cases In Different Designs

1. Black Lightning TPU Solid Cover Case 

This smart design solid cover case protects your gadget from bad falls by providing full protection edge to edge. Likewise, it protects your iPhone XR from dust and scratches, so your device gets maximum protection.

All camera lenses, ports, and volume buttons can smoothly function without removing the case– cutouts are present for quick access. Imagine that if your kid is using the phone and suddenly it falls or smashed? You wouldn’t want to imagine it. In this uncertain situation, this heavy-duty TPU Cover Case indeed protects your device from damage.

Black Lightning TPU Solid Cover Case

2. Sheer Crystal Twinkling Glass Fashionable Phone Case

Made from high-quality material, this fashionable cover is beautifully crafted, and the precision perfectly fits your device. Moreover, it is known for a high impact resistant anti-scratch solid protection that keeps the device safe from the impact of falls or damages.

You might be thinking that the crystal base of the cover might be hard to touch, right? The truth is you can operate your phone without discomfort because the soft material and slim design of this Sheer Crystal Twinkling Glass Phone Case gives you a nice grip for long hours. What’s better than having a lightweight, durable yet stylish phone case for iPhone XR? You can buy iPhone XR Cases in your favorite colors. Available in four colors; Purple, Pink, Silver, and Green.

Sheer Crystal Twinkling Glass Fashionable Phone Case

3. Ultra Shock-Absorbing Hard Case

Available in shiny red and black colors, this hard case is a great deal for iPhone XR owners. Not just it offers impressive protection for your expensive gadget, but this case goes beyond normal protection. It boasts ‘shock absorption TPU’ along with solid polycarbonate, ensuring double protection which means it protects the phone from accidental drops of 5 to 6 feet; however, it depends on the surface.

Moreover, it has raised bezels that protect your phone’s touchscreen against scratches and its anti-slip back texture effectively prevents your phone from falling.

The best part of Ultra Shock-Absorbing Hard Case is that it’s pretty slim and has a comfortable grip even if there is sweat residue in your palm.

Ultra Shock-Absorbing Hard Case

4. Unified Protection Silicone Gel Rubber 2 in 1 AirPods Protective Phone Cover Case

The 2 in1 Unified Protection Silicone Gel Rubber case doesn’t hide your device; it complements it. Without removing the case, you can access all ports and buttons such as the power button, volume control button, etc, all are accessible comfortably.

It is named ‘unified’ protection because apart from securing your phone, it also protects your Air Pods by incorporating a small cover on the back of it looks pretty good and classy. And, of course, you’ll get dual protection in a single case.

2 in 1 AirPods Protective Phone Cover Case

5. PU Leather Wallet Phone Case with Card Holder Smart Stylish Back Cover Case

When mobile owners specifically look for the best iPhone XR cases they believe ‘leather wins the race.’ It’s true, not just leather offers 360-degree protection for the back of your device, but it equally shields your home buttons, screen, edges, and other parts. Likewise, it comes with features such as shockproof, heat-dissipating, anti-drop, and waterproof casing.

Moreover, this PU Leather Wallet Case with Card Holder doesn’t just come with protective technology, but its slim design can also accommodate your cards by giving a small cardholder section attach to it.

PU Leather Wallet Phone Case with Card Holder

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Apple phone cases come with multi-task features and personalization options to make your life more convenient. This means there are so many other best iPhone XR cases that not only safeguard your expensive gadget from falls and damages but extending their functionality by incorporating wallets for your air pods and cards.

Esource Parts carries phone covers for top-notch brands like iPhone, Google, Samsung, HTC, and other leading brands you’re looking for. You can buy the iPhone XR Cases mentioned above; however, this list isn’t exhaustive––check out our website for a complete collection.

If confused about phone cases’ functionality, let us help you find the best one at the most affordable price.


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