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Maria Parker


Facebook’s squad of thought police: Devine

When you see him speak, it’s hard to believe that such a gormless geek as Mark Zuckerberg may be the most powerful person in...

Biden is the most radical left-wing president in US history, period

Joe Biden is off to the most left-wing start of any Democratic president in recent memory. Just two weeks later, the dulcet tones of Biden’s...

Time for work: As vaccine-craving Americans shoot up, so will the U.S. economy

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Americans are tired of working like a dog — that is, sitting at home, waiting to be fed by the master’s hand. After nearly...

Home-grown cultural despots attempt to cancel the Western canon

ANALYSIS/OPINION: As Meghan Cox Gurdon, a children’s books columnist at The Wall Street Journal, recently reported, Lawrence High School, a public secondary school in Massachusetts,...

China is showing its true and ugly colors again

Showing its true colors again this week, the Chinese Communist Party sentenced its first citizen journalist to hard time — for reporting the truth...

NYC DOE is just wrong on demanding in-school COVID-19 tests

On Monday, public schools in the city reopened for K-5 students who signed up for blended learning after shutting down on Nov. 19 when...

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